In order to access CC3 from more than one workstation, you will need to map a drive letter as described elsewhere. You will also need to flag the files on the "server" computer as sharable. Here are some notes on that.

1. Do not use the Fileshare Wizard – Disable that immediately as it is a weak link in the Windows chain, and by disabling it you will have a more reliable method of sharing.  To do so go to Explorer (aka My Computer) and file the screen where you can see the drive letters.  To disable, click on TOOLS … if you cannot see TOOLS at the top of the Window there, just tape the ALT key and you will see the TOOLS Tab appear.  If the TOOLS tab, go down to FOLDER OPTIONS, and in there switch to the Tab that says VIEW.  In VIEW, scroll down to the bottom where you will be able to uncheck “Use Sharing Wizard”.  Get rid of that, hit APPLY and then OK button.

2. Back in Explorer, go to the folder you want to share … for example “c:\users\public” and rt-click and then click on SHARE, and in there find ADVANCED SHARING.  Note, you cannot find ADVANCED SHARING unless you have disable the Wizard in #1 above.  In there click the box for checkmark for SHARE THIS FOLDER.  Then, below that click on PERMISSIONS and select EVERYONE, and then click on the ALLOW check boxes below that for FULL CONTROL, CHANGE, and READ.  Click on APPLY and OK on that and the other window to get back to the PROPERTIES window.

3. Go into the SECURITY Tab of the PROPERTIES area of the folder you are sharing, and in there click on ADVANCED > EDIT > ADD and in where it says “Enter the Object name to select” type in EVERYONE and click OK button.  Then in the window that pops up for EVERYONE click on the check box for FULL CONTROL ALLOW and then click on OK.

4. You will then end up back in the PERMISSIONS window, you need to uncheck the “Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent”, and that will pop up a window where You Must Check COPY !!!!  After checking COPY, back in the PERMISSIONS window, click on the checkbox for “Replace all existing inheritable permission on all descendants ….”  The click the APPLY button, and then OK.