What is CC2/CC3?

CC2/CC3 is an autobody management system, not an estimating system. You could write an estimate by hand, without the aid of a database of parts prices and times. CC2/ CC3 specializes in the process of jobcosting an RO (repair order) and posting all financial transaction to an integrated accounting system, built right in. You bridge the estimates and supplements in from one of the major estimating systems, and begin your jobcosting and accounting function right away.

Don't All Systems Have Integrated Accounting?

Unfortunately No. The reason is you have to understand accounting to build an integrated accounting system and the majority of the people writing autobody software for the body shop industry don't understand auto body shop accounting. They think accounting is a liability or a hopelessly complicated process that can never be mastered. They don't realize how critical accounting is to any financial transaction. Especially in a body shop, cash, expenses, and receivables must be tracked closely. The best way to track these things closely is by directly tying every RO related transaction to the accounting system. Not only does an integrated accounting system increase accuracy and control, it also make the process faster, reducing data entry and accounting expense. If you don't have an integrated accounting system, you end up with something generic like Quicken, which doesn't understand the most basic body shop functions like a deposit to an open RO, or collection of money to a closed RO. Quicken would not be able to tell the difference from a supplement or a sublet. No matter how good the "accounting bridge" they develop, your vital financial records are left hopelessly disconnected from your ROs and your jobcosting, leading to inaccuracy, redundant manual entry, and non-auditable financial statements. Without the tie down, you can't present financials to institutions for borrowing, you raise red-flags during tax audits, and lose a critical level of financial control. A banker isn't going to believe a financial statement created on Quicken, there's no audit trail.

What exactly does the CC2/CC3 management system do?

It's impossible to say all it does, even during a personal presentation. Anything it doesn't do, we can make it do, that's how the product got to be so good. Here's a brief list:

  • Bridges Estimates from CCC, ADP , & Mitchell.
  • Creates ROs that handles multible supplements
  • Jobcosting of the entire job including shop payroll posting
  • Timeclock available for in the shop posting
  • Line for line parts tracking
  • Parts return credit memos
  • Faxed and emailed parts orders
  • Online production and deliver reports posted to a dynamic web sites
  • All financial transactions posted to the RO post immediately to accounting
  • Closes ROs directly to accounting and accounts receivable
  • Tax payroll checks
  • Income statement & Balance Sheet
  • G/L, A/R, A/P Trial Balance Sheets
  • Multiple check books & multiple check book bank reconciliation
  • Automatic Work In Process posting to General Ledger
  • Complete RO archive of jobcosting information and notes

In other words, if it doesn't have what you want, we'll just program it into the system, because given all it does, there can't be much it doesn't do that you want. The crucial strength that sets it aside from the others is its ability to tie down all the accounting numbers directly to the ROs which keeps everything accurate and everybody accountable. It's the most comprehensive system ever developed for the body shop business, period.

How has CCT been able to do all of this?

Most of the other management systems out there are either under powered and don't include integrated accounting, or they're far too complicated. All good business schools teach the concept that technology is the one weapon that can change the battle field in any industry. Body shops can compete more successfully by efficiently using computer technology. CCT uses and exploits technology better than it's often larger competitors. CCT has avoided the technological orgy many of the others have fallen into. CCT uses simple, proven technology in a very effective way. Combined Computer Technology has been in the business since the early 1990s doing just this !

Who is using CCT software?

Some of the biggest and the best use CCT auto body software all over the country. We provide reference on request. We respect our customer's professional privacy as well as yours. If you're serious about purchasing a management system, we'd be more than glad to refer you to some of our clients. A list of the top 50 body shops was published by the national publication Body Shop Business Magazine a few years ago, 5 of the top 50 were using CCT software. Please contact CCT sales for indepth information on who in you area is using our software. Big shops or small shops - every body shop needs powerful, easy to do, jobcosting.

What happens if Stuart McColl gets hit by a bus?

In many cases, people purchase the source code, so there is no risk. Also, CCT has a network of dealers and agents across the country who support the software, many of who are programmers themselves. So if Stuart goes to computer Val Hallah, where all the balance sheets balance, and there is infinite bandwidth, you'll still be up and running. The risk of doing business with the larger suppliers of software is that they will simply abandon your product right out from underneath you, like Mitchell did with Collision Shop & ARMS, and AKZO did with there's. Also be aware that in the last 10 years 30 companies providing software to the body shop industry have gone out of business. People wander into this business thinking "gee writing software for the body shop industry is easy and a great way to make a lot of money". They don't enter the industry with the credentials and experience CCT carries, they have no idea what they are doing, and that's why they fail. CCT is committed to the long run. CCT is very healthy and very profitable. Finally Stuart McColl is young, not old, and in perfect health. If you don't buy from CCT this year, we'll see you next year. Autobody software that works !